I'm Roo

CEO / Founder 

About Me

I was raised on a fish farm but grew up surfing on the stunning beaches of San Diego. My journey as a Blockchain Product Manager might be a little unorthodox, but started with being a hard working farmer.


Blockcoder is an S-Corp Web3 agency that harmoniously migrates Web2 products to Web3 by implementing Blockchain and AI automation solutions.

Services I'm Providing

Strategic Consulting and Execution to Drive Product Excellence


I have developed the product development as well as launch strategy of Paygold, Polymerhemp and Singularity

Agile Development

While developing Paygold, I quickly adapted and changed through many onramp providers until I found the right fit

UX Design

I did my market research on the Indian diaspora in US and redesigned Paygold’s interface to be more friendly and intuitive to them

My Portfolio

I leveraged my management skills to take the following projects from idea to MVP stage

Singularity is an Ai Copilot for business

Ai Automation for Business Intelligence

Singularity offers various Ai powered solutions which can be used by a wide range of industries, from logistics to warehouse operations to telehealth to managing HR. Integrating such Ai powered solutions can make your organization upto 70% leaner.

Senate Grade Ai For Legal Services

Singularity is a senate grade AI system that complies with the recently passed AI regulations that ensure the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence in the legal sector.

It respects the privacy of its users and clients, and does not collect, store, or share any personal or sensitive data without consent.

Bridging Ai and Policy: Ai Industry Conference

Discussing AI integration in government functions with senators, I gained insights into the balance of technology, policy, and public interest. This meeting highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts for effective and ethical AI implementation in various government sectors.

Solutions We Offer

HR Automation

Ai can automate various HR functions by leveraging machine learning algorithms to streamline recruitment processes, such as resume screening and candidate matching.

Additionally, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine HR queries, freeing up human resources professionals to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately improving efficiency and enhancing overall workforce management.

Optimize Sales

Ai can automate tasks like lead scoring and predictive analytics to identify potential customers and prioritize high-value opportunities.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual sales assistants can engage with prospects, answer queries, and guide them through the sales funnel, enhancing customer experience and increasing conversion rates.

Customer Support Automation

Ai enables the automation of routine inquiries through chatbots, providing instant responses and resolutions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows these systems to understand and interpret customer requests, escalating complex issues to human agents when necessary.

AI-driven analytics can also analyze customer interactions to identify patterns, enabling companies to proactively address common concerns and improve overall service quality

Industry Specific Custom Solutions

Each industry uses its own set of legacy software, where little to no smart Ai powered automations are available. Thus Singularity was built in such a way that it can be integrated into such legacy tech stacks to upgrade them with Ai automations. 

Challenges I faced


I am Roo Dov, a senior IT project manager and director. 

I have founded 2 companies leveraging Ai.  One is Singularity, an Ai automation software for law firms. It  features a user-friendly Web3 data management system with a focus on data privacy, ensuring that companies’ sensitive data are not used to train Ai models. My other company, MedLifeLog brings the power of Ai to people’s health decisions. I led a team to build a patient data management system on blockchain, and also built an Ai powered health kiosk connected with IoT devices to provide real time data and insights to patients and healthcare providers.

I also am the founder and sit on the board for Save Desis,  a non-profit fintech organization. This project is driven by a simple desire to assist the Indian diaspora in the United States during global crises, and I have worked hard to establish trust within a culturally closed off community. I also directed a team to build a payment system for Save Desis, with 100% of the transaction fees going to the Save Desis non-profit fund.