About Me

Family is at the core of who I am

Family is the cornerstone of my life, and its values have a profound impact on my approach to both personal and professional endeavors

My strong family values fuel my commitment to building strong relationships, fostering collaboration, and creating products that make a meaningful impact on the lives of our users

Growing up in an agricultural environment, I have imbibed valuable lessons of resilience and stewardship. The land has taught me the importance of hard work, adaptability, and environmental consciousness, which I now apply in my role as a product manager

Keeping both my health and work in focus

I love being married to my work
Family Values and Love for the Land

The journey of being a hardworking, down-to-earth farmer has instilled in me invaluable skills that transcend into my role as a product manager. 

Being a devoted family man has taught me the values of empathy, effective communication, and teamwork. 

I am Roo Dov, a senior IT project manager and director. 

I am the Founder/CEO of  Singularity, an Ai automation software for law firms. It also features a user-friendly Web3 data management system with a focus on data privacy, ensuring that companies’ sensitive data are not used to train Ai models.

I also am the founder and sit on the board for Save Desis,  a non-profit organization. This project is driven by a simple desire to assist the Indian diaspora in the United States during global crises, and I have worked hard to establish trust within a culturally closed off community. I also directed a team to build a payment system for Save Desis, with 100% of the transaction fees going to the Save Desis non-profit fund.

Roo Dov

CEO/ Founder